American Gaming Association Online Casino Position

American Gaming Association on Verge of Changing Online Casino Position
The American Gaming Association is a political action group that is responsible for the representation of many of the land-based gambling institutions within the United States. They are in charge of representing places like the casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and elsewhere across the United States as well as representing places like poker rooms, bingo halls and sportsbook operations. The American Gaming Association is well known by many people in the online casino business because it has in the past been one of the staunchest opponents of online gambling. The people that the AGA represents have come to see online casinos as competition and for that reason have been against any sort of US recognition of online casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook and other gambling websites. No recognition and no regulation has been the official policy position of the American Gaming Association up to the current point in time.

However, such a position might be on the verge of changing, if the information given by anonymous sources regarding the upcoming weekend meeting by AGA representatives from around the country is accurate. What is definitely known about the meeting is what the AGA has actually said about the meeting and that is that the position regarding online casino will be on the table for discussion and review. This information comes straight from the horse’s mouth and therefore the media knows the position will be reviewed, but as of yet there are no guarantees that the position will change. Other anonymous sources state that it will and if one was to try and follow the logic, it would point to those anonymous sources being correct.

After all, the AGA was only against online gambling as long as it appeared as though online gambling might cut into the profit margins of the businesses that it represents. However, with the current credit crunch and the collapsing economy, it turns out that the American Gaming Association has constituents that are not interested in creating online casino websites instead of building new casino buildings, at least until the credit crunch is resolved and they are able to borrow large sums of money once again. With this desire in the bank for the AGA and the federal congress making it very clear that the United States will be legalizing and regulating online casinos and gambling websites in the very near future, the AGA changing its position can definitely be viewed through the lens of changing with the times.

One of the major disagreements the AGA has with the current policy direction of the federal government however is that the AGA feels that the states should be responsible for regulation and not the federal government. They will argue that the feds have no experience with regulating gambling, while states like Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi and others have a lot of experience in the same area. The message from the AGA here therefore appears to be one of qualified support, although we will have to wait for the end of the meeting to see what actually transpires.