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With as many online casinos on the internet as there are, it can be quite a decision to picking out the best one.  Most of the time, it really isn’t so much about what the online casino has to offer as it is what you are looking for.  So, in order to determine the which top online casino is for you, it is important to decide beforehand what it is that you want.  Are you looking for solid entertainment?  Perhaps you just want to win big.  Entertainment value in an online casino comes from a total experience.  That experience should be made up of great graphics, fairness, great promotions and good customer service.  If you just want to win big, then all you will want to concern yourself with is bonuses and payout percentages.

Finding the top online casino for you will take a little help.  That is, unless you want to try out every online casino on your own to make the determination.  However, help is out there because of online review sites of the top casinos online.  Reading online casino reviews will help you to lower the numbers of casinos on your selection list.  So, then it only takes a good eye in selecting the right top online casino review for you.

When deciding on the online casino review site that suits you best, make sure that they only review licensed online casinos with good reputations.  Once that has been determined, you can then trust the review site in making good decisions.  The information that you will want to take from these review sites is how good of a selection of online casino games does the casino have, are the graphics high or low quality and are the payout percentages high enough to be worth your time.  Two very reliable review sites on the internet are linked here:

As you can see from the links above, the sites that are reviewed have some terrific welcome bonuses that are available to new members that signup.  Bonuses are a really good way to find out more about your casino selection, because they give you the opportunity to play with more money than you actually deposit.

Kentucky Online Casino Plans Faltering

Kentucky Governor’s Online Casino Plans Faltering

Kentucky has been one of the centres of controversy in the recent eventful months that online gambling has gone through. This is thanks in no small part to the actions of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear who has turned out to be one of the biggest enemies of online gambling progress not just in the United States, but also around the world. One would think that the governor of one of the middle-sized states within the country would not have that kind of power, but when the governor goes ahead and seizes a number of online gambling domain names because he feels they are providing unfair competition for the indigenous gambling industry, he certainly can have that kind of power in a way that was never meant for him to actually pursue. The legal nuances of the case are so complicated in fact that very few people feel comfortable commenting on who is legally correct even as many people are lambasting the governor for being morally incorrect in a free market society.

Governor Beshear has in particular taken heat from a part of his own base of supporters. The supporters see the governor as having broken some very important election promises and for that reason are even now attempting to take the governor down. He promised that there would be no new taxes, that government spending would be cut down and that casinos within the state would be legalized. However, it appears as though Beshear has broken all three of those promises in quick succession and for that reason is quickly becoming persona non grata within his own party as well as within the rest of the state. One has to wonder what his future is going to be should he continue on with this plan of seizing domain names of online casinos and online gambling institutions.

In fact, Governor Beshear might not even have the opportunity to continue through with the policy even if he wanted to as his side appears to be losing the court case that is currently being waged in Kentucky courts. The main reason for this is quite simply the unreasonable nature of the state’s case which is forcing them to come up with wild arguments to cover up loopholes that have been created by the defence. The main push of the state’s argument is that the domain names are gambling devices and for that reason can be seized by the state if such devices are not allowed within the state borders. In addition to that however, state lawyers believe that the gambling device definition is broad enough to apply to busses that take residents to other states as well, something that is so convoluted that one needs to pause and think for a moment in order to follow the logic of the state on that particular case.

In the end, unreasonable government actions tend to falter when they are taken to task in the legal system and that definitely does appear to be happening to Governor Beshear in this case that could very well determine the future of his political career with its final verdict.

Online Casino Awards 2008

The Online Casinos  Awards 2008 Just Around the Corner has long been the website of record when it comes to giving out online casino awards as for a number of years now they have been honoring excellence in the online casino industry. Their excellence starts with nominations of course, just like every other awards process and it is a sure sign that things are starting to be put in motion vis-à-vis the awards process when the site releases their nominations for the various categories. The nominations represent the contenders for each award within the grand scheme of their Global Online Casino Awards 2008.

The first awards category is the Best Online Casino for US Residents in 2008. There are five casinos that have made the nomination list in this category and they are All Slots Casino, Club USA Casino, iNetBet Casino, Intertops Casino and Jackpot City Casino. All five of these casinos are well known online casinos within the United States context and according to an analyst within the online casino industry that asked not to be named, any one of these online casinos would deserve to win the award. The general feeling at the moment is that Club USA Casino is in the running for the award, but with such a high class and competitive field, anything could happen in the end.

There is also a Best Online Casino for UK Residents in 2008 award and that award also has five different nominees. The nominees for the award are 32 Red Online Casino, Canbet Online Casino, Ladbrokes Online Casino, Paddy Power Online Casino and Virgin Online Casino. Once again the feeling is that all five are very deserving of the award and for that reason while someone might be tempted to guess Paddy Power for this award, the closeness of the competition means that as an overall category is really is just too close to call.

Finally, there is also a Best Online Casino for EU Residents in 2008 award which once again has five nominees: 32 Red Online Casino, Bet 365 Casino, Ladbrokes Online Casino, InterCasino and Roxy Palace Online Casino. Both 32 Red and Ladbrokes deserve a fair amount of praise for making it on the lists for both the United Kingdom and the European Union. There are several online casinos out there that specialize their services for one of the two regions, so to make the best of list for both regions is definitely an accomplishment in and of itself. Even if neither of them win an award, to be recognized as being among the top five without specializing in either region is fantastic for their public relations office.
Other awards that will be handed out during the Online Casino Awards 2008 will be the Best New Online Casino in 2008, the Best New Slot Machine in 2008 and the Best Overall Online Casino Group in 2008. is keeping the winners close to their chest for the moment, but you will be able to see the winners at the end of the year on their website.

Casino and Online Casino Stocks

The Difference between Casino and Online Casino Stocks
Ultimately, one might argue that the difference between casino and online casino stocks is the difference between old and new. Conventional casino slots have been amongst the worst performers in the stock market recently. MGM Mirage, which owns the MGM Grand Casino and the Mirage Casino, has lost 87% over the course of the recent financial crisis in terms of its stock price. Las Vegas Sands, which is another company that has major ownership of properties on the Las Vegas Strip, has lost an amazing 94%. Even Wynn Resorts which is not based solely on the Las Vegas Strip but rather has more than just gambling in its fold, has lost 67% over this entire period of time. Furthermore, there is nothing good on the horizon for conventional casino companies at the current moment in time.

Contrast this with online casino stocks and you will see that there is a very different picture developing within the online casino stock markets. Online casino operations in Europe have gained through this period of time. England and the rest of the European Union companies have all found that their shares have either stayed the same in this market or even increased in some cases and this is of course in spite of the fact that the authorities of the United States federal government have been on a veritable witch hunt since 2006 to get online casino operators and bring them down essentially through any means that will work. Add to this the fact that online casino stocks have optimistic future prospects in addition to their recent holds and it seems as though the stocks of the different casino types are polar opposites in the current market.

As previously mentioned, this is the difference between old and new. The old way of doing things was to create gigantic monuments to the rewards of gambling for the house and in doing so entice people to visit. When the economy was riding high and everyone was able to borrow loads of money this strategy worked perfectly but at the same time when the economy collapsed and took with it the availability of cheap credit, the strategy crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. Many of the casino companies are now overextended on billions of dollars worth of loans and may not have many options left with which to deal with their current financial woes.

Online casinos on the other hand operate on the principle of decreased cost. From the moment they are created, their main goal is to decrease the cost of their overall operations as much as possible. In the end this results in nowhere near the same satisfying amount of luxury and service as their offline counterparts but at the same time the games are still fun to play and statistically speaking you get to keep more of your money at the end of the long term probability. You can also play online casinos from home, cutting down on transportation costs entirely. Once again, it is the difference between old and new.

Man Jailed for Illegal Online Casino Activities

The People’s Republic of China has long been a government that has kept a close eye on the activities of its people but in recent years that close eye has let up somewhat, especially when its territory of Hong Kong is concerned. Hong Kong has long been an area that has been ambiguous as far as Chinese officials were concerned and for that reason it has also been a place that people have flocked to when they were looking to set up some kind of operation that they did not want the government to come down on them hard for.

This was certainly the case for a man named Tam Chi-Wai, a resident of Hong Kong that decided to set up an illegal gambling network across the entire country. He started in 1999 with a gambling house in the area of Myanmar and ever since that time has been expanding his network whenever he had the chance. It is perhaps a testament to just how differently people from Hong Kong are treated by the central government in Beijing that he was not only able to continue running his operation for about 9 years before being arrested, but also that he was able to make millions of dollars in the process. It truly is one of the more stunning cases of its type in the world today.

The man started running his casino operations all over the People’s Republic of China and once he had the funds to do so, he created a network of websites that were not only involved in online casino gambling vis-à-vis casino operations, but also betting operations. In fact, the betting operations ended up becoming far more successful for him almost as soon as he started with those types of websites and that in turn also explains why most of his later work had to do with adding to his network of betting sites rather than his online casino networks.

The amount of money that was wagered at his online gambling network almost came to 9 billion Yuan over the course of that period of time and the amount of profit he made amounted to around 300 million Yuan from that 9 billion figure. All of those profits were illegal, which essentially forced the hand of the government. Chi-Wai was arrested and is currently serving a jail sentence of eight years after being fined $2.9 million in US dollars. Once he gets out however, he will still have a fair amount of his money left to spend.

Additionally, it is important to note that this type of case is indicative of what could happen if online casinos in general were legalized and regulated. Not only would the government have the power to stop illegal online gambling networks such as this one, but they would also have the ability to crackdown on abuse by legal online gambling networks and in doing so create an online gambling atmosphere that is much better than the one that exists today in places like the United States

Online Casinos Potentially Gain From WSOP

Online Casinos and WSOP

Online casinos will potentially gain from WSOP layover. The World Series of Poker has long been thought of as the gathering that launched the online casino boom. In particular, the Main Event of the World Series of Poker is thought of as being the single greatest event from the point of view of the online casinos that benefited from its presence. Everyone that has ever been to an online casino has likely heard of the miraculous story of Chris Moneymaker and the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event and equally likely is that they know of the story of Greg Raymer and the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event. In both cases, the online casinos reaped big rewards in the wake of the event as people decided to sign up for online poker sites and their casino partners as well.

Now that the novelty of amateur poker players winning multimillion dollar prize pools at the biggest tournament in the poker world has worn off, ESPN has been looking for ways to renew viewer interest in the event. One method they have latched on as being a potentially rewarding one has been to postpone the final table of the Main Event from the summer all the way to the time when ESPN would actually be airing the World Series of Poker Main Event on television. This means that people would not know who won the actual event when they were tuning in for the broadcast and because of that they would be more interested in the television program since they did not know how things were actually going to end. The tactic ended up working quite well for ESPN and they saw their ratings go up by around 50% from the same time the broadcast was put on television the previous year.

However, another set of winners in this particular equation is the online casinos that had seen each year of signups in the wake of the World Series of Poker go down as the novelty wore off for them as well. The reason they were able to win big in light of this particular change is that each player that was at the final table happened to be representing a particular online gambling institution and every time the news agencies of the world took a look at those different players they found that the online casinos were getting more brand recognition than they had ever gotten before. This type of association with ESPN also made the discipline seem a lot more legitimate in the eyes of mainstream people and that in turn has caused more signups to the online casinos as well.

Overall, it appears as though the strategy worked quite well for the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event. If there is one criticism that could be made of this way of doing things it would be that the players did not appreciate having to wait such a long time to play things out. Poker players tend to be superstitious and because of that it is unclear as to whether or not ESPN will be pursuing the same strategy in 2009.


Blasts Online Casinos

Social Conservative Blasts Online Casinos

In yet one more illustration of just how out of touch he is with the mainstream of American society, Chad Hills has released a lengthy attack piece on Barney Frank, the congressmen that voted in favour of the recently passed Payments Systems Protection Act and online casinos in general.

Chad Hills is someone that may not be known to the average American, but is definitely known to people in online gambling. He is a member of Reverend Dobson’s Focus on the Family and apparently has enough pull in that organization to have risen to a level of some prominence. He is currently the gambling analyst for that particular organization and for this reason is in charge of the operation that the organization has to get online gambling permanently banned in the United States. Considering the importance of this particular issue to social conservatives, it really shows the faith that Dobson has in Hills.

According to critics of the man however, Hills is out of touch with how things actually work in the United States. For example, on the website that he has for these attacks, Hills says that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA for short) allows financial institutions to block any payments that they deem would go to gambling interests that are offshore. In other words, Hills maintains that the bill gives financial institutions the permission to do this at their own discretion. The actual truth of the matter is quite different however, as the UIGEA forces them to actually block anything going to any offshore gambling institution regardless of any other factors that may be involved. This, according to critics, is strike one against the man.

Hills is also very critical of Democratic Representative Barney Frank, the man that heads the House Committee on Financial Services as well as the man that is responsible for pushing this legislation through. He claims that Mr. Frank is only interested in pandering and does not really care what happens to people so long as the gambling interest is satisfied. If this were true, critics point out, Frank would have tried to push through a bill that would make online gambling completely legal no matter what. The bill is instead an attempt to get the government to define unlawful internet gambling and in the process allow the government to regulate the industry. This is strike two against the man.

Finally, Hills will also argue that this bill represents legalized exploitation of children in homes. Of course, critics also disagree with this, pointing out that online gambling is already available to children not only from the casinos of the online world but also the stock traders. The real way to curtail this type of availability is for the government to step in and regulate how things work and that of course is something that Hills’ conservative viewpoint shudders at. Since his facts are completely wrong however, this would be strike three against the man.

Three strikes against his argument show that it makes very little sense.

American Gaming Association Online Casino Position

American Gaming Association on Verge of Changing Online Casino Position
The American Gaming Association is a political action group that is responsible for the representation of many of the land-based gambling institutions within the United States. They are in charge of representing places like the casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and elsewhere across the United States as well as representing places like poker rooms, bingo halls and sportsbook operations. The American Gaming Association is well known by many people in the online casino business because it has in the past been one of the staunchest opponents of online gambling. The people that the AGA represents have come to see online casinos as competition and for that reason have been against any sort of US recognition of online casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook and other gambling websites. No recognition and no regulation has been the official policy position of the American Gaming Association up to the current point in time.

However, such a position might be on the verge of changing, if the information given by anonymous sources regarding the upcoming weekend meeting by AGA representatives from around the country is accurate. What is definitely known about the meeting is what the AGA has actually said about the meeting and that is that the position regarding online casino will be on the table for discussion and review. This information comes straight from the horse’s mouth and therefore the media knows the position will be reviewed, but as of yet there are no guarantees that the position will change. Other anonymous sources state that it will and if one was to try and follow the logic, it would point to those anonymous sources being correct.

After all, the AGA was only against online gambling as long as it appeared as though online gambling might cut into the profit margins of the businesses that it represents. However, with the current credit crunch and the collapsing economy, it turns out that the American Gaming Association has constituents that are not interested in creating online casino websites instead of building new casino buildings, at least until the credit crunch is resolved and they are able to borrow large sums of money once again. With this desire in the bank for the AGA and the federal congress making it very clear that the United States will be legalizing and regulating online casinos and gambling websites in the very near future, the AGA changing its position can definitely be viewed through the lens of changing with the times.

One of the major disagreements the AGA has with the current policy direction of the federal government however is that the AGA feels that the states should be responsible for regulation and not the federal government. They will argue that the feds have no experience with regulating gambling, while states like Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi and others have a lot of experience in the same area. The message from the AGA here therefore appears to be one of qualified support, although we will have to wait for the end of the meeting to see what actually transpires.

Online Casinos Winning Continues


Ridiculous Online Casino October Winning Streak Continues

A short while ago, it was reported that the Mega Moolah Slot Machine by Casino Rewards had been at the centre of a worldwide online slot machine giveaway during the month of October. As far as can be discerned by the media, it does not appear as though there is any hacking, collusion or special promotions going on right now. Therefore, the only option left to consider was that there was simply an incredible winning streak at slot machines going on in October the likes of which would probably never be seen again. Since so many massive jackpots had been won multiple times, at the time the earlier article was written it was expected that the jackpot winnings would tail off towards the end of October and then return to normal in November.

Well, as it turns out, the predictions were wrong. In a testament to just how remarkable this month has been for some people, the Mega Moolah Slot Machine has practically been giving money away on a very large scale. The giveaways have been impressive, but the sheer number has been even more impressive. In just two short weeks, the progressive jackpot on the Mega Moolah Slot Machine has been won a very impressive 12 times. That is the kind of frequency that people do not see on a slot machine in their lifetime and for that reason people that have been around the casino industry know that this online slot machine jackpot bonanza is not going to continue forever. Earlier this week the same slot machine jackpot was won 3 times in less than 3 hours with an impressive amount of around $25,000 being won between those three jackpots. Now however, the 12 jackpots in 2 weeks have resulted in people taking home almost $85,000.

The fact that the amount of money won over 12 jackpots was only $85,000 shows not only how quickly jackpots were being won one after the other, but also how many jackpots have been won in such a short while. In many ways the higher frequency of jackpot winnings has drastically lowered the average prize that a person gets when they win a jackpot at Mega Moolah, but it is definitely still an impressive win to take to the bank regardless of where the jackpot happens to be. The 12 jackpots have also been spread over 8 different casinos, allowing Casino Rewards customers to share the love no matter where they play. Casino Classic, Captain Cook’s Casino, Virtual City Casino, Phoenician Casino, Golden Reef Casino, Golden Tiger Casino, Blackjack Ballroom Casino and Music Hall Casino have all been a part of this very historic experience.

The current streak of winnings combined with the millions of dollars that have been won earlier in the month once again show that the slot machines have been very generous to the players during the month of October. The more people win, the more it becomes virtually certain that this type of month will never be repeated again.


Online Casinos and Gambling Websites Fight Back


What started out as nothing more than just an amusing way for a gambling junkie to pass their time in news reading has now become a very serious case that could see one of the biggest and most promising up and coming industries quite literally declare war against one of the states in the United States. Things have gotten very ugly in this case and there is more than one person that is now regretting laughing at what had been happening in the case before.

 The case in question is of course the case of Kentucky versus online casino gambling. The state of Kentucky, in an effort to curb what they view as problem gambling through online gambling resorts, have received a court order to take over website domain names for different major online gambling websites. This has resulted in some registrars refusing to comply, but others going along with it. According to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, the reason this is being done is to protect the children from predatory online gambling that could result in them losing their money on their parents’ money at a time when losing money is not something that people can afford to do. It is a classic protecting you from you argument and it is one that has worked wonders against other negatively viewed industries in other states during the course of US history.

 However, what the state of Kentucky did not count on was the fierce response they would get in return. After two years of being pushed around by US justice authorities, the online casino industry has developed quite a thick skin. Not only have they developed a thick skin, but they have also developed attrition tactics of their own and now that Beshear has indicated that he has no intentions of stopping his crusade, those attrition powers are going to be put into full effect in an attempt to get the Kentucky state government to back off.

 While Beshear may tell people that he is doing this to protect children and others from predatory online casino websites, the truth of the matter is as online gambling activists have pointed out. They state quite plainly that this is about tax revenues, the proof of which is that online gambling websites that deliver money into Kentucky’s coffers are not targeted by the current actions of the government. For this reason, the online casino industry has launched a counter-gambit against the government of Kentucky, urging people to boycott the government. Anything that is built by the government, sold by the government or adds revenue to the government, is going to be covered under this boycott. Such a blatantly aggressive move has never been tried by the online casino industry as a whole before, so it will be very interesting indeed to see where it goes. The only certain thing at the moment is that it appears that both sides are now dug in and are going to fight this thing out to the finish.