Man Jailed for Illegal Online Casino Activities

The People’s Republic of China has long been a government that has kept a close eye on the activities of its people but in recent years that close eye has let up somewhat, especially when its territory of Hong Kong is concerned. Hong Kong has long been an area that has been ambiguous as far as Chinese officials were concerned and for that reason it has also been a place that people have flocked to when they were looking to set up some kind of operation that they did not want the government to come down on them hard for.

This was certainly the case for a man named Tam Chi-Wai, a resident of Hong Kong that decided to set up an illegal gambling network across the entire country. He started in 1999 with a gambling house in the area of Myanmar and ever since that time has been expanding his network whenever he had the chance. It is perhaps a testament to just how differently people from Hong Kong are treated by the central government in Beijing that he was not only able to continue running his operation for about 9 years before being arrested, but also that he was able to make millions of dollars in the process. It truly is one of the more stunning cases of its type in the world today.

The man started running his casino operations all over the People’s Republic of China and once he had the funds to do so, he created a network of websites that were not only involved in online casino gambling vis-à-vis casino operations, but also betting operations. In fact, the betting operations ended up becoming far more successful for him almost as soon as he started with those types of websites and that in turn also explains why most of his later work had to do with adding to his network of betting sites rather than his online casino networks.

The amount of money that was wagered at his online gambling network almost came to 9 billion Yuan over the course of that period of time and the amount of profit he made amounted to around 300 million Yuan from that 9 billion figure. All of those profits were illegal, which essentially forced the hand of the government. Chi-Wai was arrested and is currently serving a jail sentence of eight years after being fined $2.9 million in US dollars. Once he gets out however, he will still have a fair amount of his money left to spend.

Additionally, it is important to note that this type of case is indicative of what could happen if online casinos in general were legalized and regulated. Not only would the government have the power to stop illegal online gambling networks such as this one, but they would also have the ability to crackdown on abuse by legal online gambling networks and in doing so create an online gambling atmosphere that is much better than the one that exists today in places like the United States

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