Online Casinos and Gambling Websites Fight Back


What started out as nothing more than just an amusing way for a gambling junkie to pass their time in news reading has now become a very serious case that could see one of the biggest and most promising up and coming industries quite literally declare war against one of the states in the United States. Things have gotten very ugly in this case and there is more than one person that is now regretting laughing at what had been happening in the case before.

 The case in question is of course the case of Kentucky versus online casino gambling. The state of Kentucky, in an effort to curb what they view as problem gambling through online gambling resorts, have received a court order to take over website domain names for different major online gambling websites. This has resulted in some registrars refusing to comply, but others going along with it. According to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, the reason this is being done is to protect the children from predatory online gambling that could result in them losing their money on their parents’ money at a time when losing money is not something that people can afford to do. It is a classic protecting you from you argument and it is one that has worked wonders against other negatively viewed industries in other states during the course of US history.

 However, what the state of Kentucky did not count on was the fierce response they would get in return. After two years of being pushed around by US justice authorities, the online casino industry has developed quite a thick skin. Not only have they developed a thick skin, but they have also developed attrition tactics of their own and now that Beshear has indicated that he has no intentions of stopping his crusade, those attrition powers are going to be put into full effect in an attempt to get the Kentucky state government to back off.

 While Beshear may tell people that he is doing this to protect children and others from predatory online casino websites, the truth of the matter is as online gambling activists have pointed out. They state quite plainly that this is about tax revenues, the proof of which is that online gambling websites that deliver money into Kentucky’s coffers are not targeted by the current actions of the government. For this reason, the online casino industry has launched a counter-gambit against the government of Kentucky, urging people to boycott the government. Anything that is built by the government, sold by the government or adds revenue to the government, is going to be covered under this boycott. Such a blatantly aggressive move has never been tried by the online casino industry as a whole before, so it will be very interesting indeed to see where it goes. The only certain thing at the moment is that it appears that both sides are now dug in and are going to fight this thing out to the finish.

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